Welcome to FINUX API Docs

With finux SME CEOs say goodbye to manual Excel-sheets, complex BI-Tools, operative accounting systems and isolated bank accounts. With the help of intelligent bank account analysis and the additional integration of accounting systems FINUX gives a unique overview of a SME's finances and thus helps the CEO to act fact-based.

About us

FINUX is a product of fino run GmbH. fino is a specialist in the banking sector and works with more than 300 banks in Germany. All products use the highest security standards to ensure the security of customer data. The application servers are located in an ISO-27001 certified data center in Germany. Data storage and data processing takes place exclusively in the European Union.

Getting started

To provide a high secure API we use JWT.


If you login or register, you will get two JWT-Tokens. One of it is the accessToken to get access for all endpoints. But this token expires after 5 minutes (that's the PSD2-Standard) the accessToken will expire. So if you get http-status-code 401 (Unauthorized) you have to use the other token. This is the refreshToken. With this token you will get a new accessToken if you call /api/auth/refresh.



  • Methode: POST
  • Path: /api/auth/refresh
  • Header: X-Fino-ClientID : clientID and X-Fino-ClientSecret : token

expected request:

  "refreshToken": "string"

expected response:

    "status": {
        "message": "OK"
    "data": {
        "accessToken": "string",
        "expiresIn": "int",
        "refreshExpiresIn": "int",
        "refreshToken": "string",
        "tokenType": "string",
        "notBeforePolicy": "int",
        "sessionState": "string",
        "scope": "string"
    "code": 200